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Increasing the number of backlinks to your web site is very important to boost its popularity. There are two standard ways you can use - link exchange and link purchase. Using either of them, you will have to monitor the constantly growing set of the backlinks. Our software is designed to make the task easy for you.

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Leo Backup Leo Backup is a c omprehensive solution to backup the valuable data in various locations, including secure servers (SFTP and FTP/SSL). Learn More >>

Linking The Web Linking The Web is a free utility that regularly monitors all backlinks to your sites. If some of the links don't exist or incorrect then you will be notified by email. Learn More >>

Generating The Web Generating The Web is a free program for creating hundreds of different versions of a base text. Learn More >>

Monitoring The Web Monitoring The Web is a free monitoring service to control uptime of your internet servers. Supports HTTP, FTP, and VoIP (SIP) protocols. Learn More >>

Software Information

Size: 780 KB

Linking The Web


Free software to monitor backlinks to your site. If some of the links don't exist, contain wrong anchor, are covered by a "nofollow" flag or hidden by robots.txt then you will be immediately notified by email. Also the program can keep track of your purchased links and notify you about their expiration dates.

The software is free of charge and works under all versions of Microsoft Windows.


  • Checking link existence
  • Checking "nofollow" and robots.txt blocking
  • Checking expiration time for purchased links
  • Checking PR changes for "From" page
  • Email notification about problems
  • Automatic daily monitoring
  • Options to work with links packets
  • Import from Excel
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